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Plainfield property preservation services: REO property maintenance, repairs & rehab

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There are some important things you need to know when you want ensure a property preservation in Plainfield. Property preservation is the securing, protecting and preparing of properties for sale that have undergone foreclosure due to failure to pay, or could be in a bank-owned status. The primary processes include protection and maintenance to get the property back in good shape. The increase of the real estate owned properties combined with a struggling economy have lead to an excess of unoccupied and deserted houses. The abandoned houses are left in deprived and unsalable conditions. The rise of these decaying houses has resulted in the development growth of preservation services in Plainfield.

Property Inspection

When you hire a property preservation company, the very first task they need to perform is inspection. It is not wise to take the responsibility of something without knowing everything about it. Same applies for property preservation. As soon as a company is hired, they check the whole property thoroughly for damages. The damages can range from structural issues to lack of proper maintenance. During this step, we identify the problems and chalk out plans to make it right. Some of the main services offered during inspection are:

  • Occupancy reports;
  • Inspections of exterior and interior;
  • Inspection of bank details in case of bankruptcy Fannie Mae form 30;
  • Inspection of the Deed-In-Lieu in case the property was foreclosed;
  • Door knock service for both residential and commercial properties;
  • Originations home inspections;
  • Inspections of the Insurance Loss Drafts.

Property Securing and Cleaning

Property Preservation companies provide their clients with a variety of services. Some of the services offered by Property Guardian Services, Inc. includes:

  • Security - securing the property is one of the most important ways of preserving the property. As a result, it is the company’s duty to change the door locks according to the lenders orders and also safety policies. Besides putting locks on the door, securing the property also include measures to secure the overall dimensions of the house such as changing padlocks, lock boxes and board ups. Houses with swimming pool are also secured according to the strict set of rules.
  • Cleaning - removing all the clutter that was left in the house. Usually, the clutters present in foreclosed properties are: unused machinery, hazardous materials such as mold, debris materials and also dead animals or plants, personal items and sanitization of parts of the house that need cleaning attention. Property cleaning services include:
    • Exterior Debris Removal;
    • Mold Remediation Tree Trimming;
    • Pest Control;
    • Vehicle Removal;
    • Pump out;
    • Tree Trimming/ Removal;
    • Janitorial/sales cleaning;
    • Lawn Maintenance.

Ongoing Services

Essentially, the above mentioned are just some of the things that require to be removed to ensure the property gets back into a marketable condition. Property preservation services also includes winterization, photographs, convey to HUD and other services.

Winterization - it entails transforming the house in preparation for winter. The procedure includes keeping pipes dry from water to hinder it from freezing. The pipes are scrupulously drained and sealed to prevent them from bursting .Property Guardian Services, Inc. also offers snow removal. We do offer whole year-long property protection and rehabilitation.

Photographs - Photos of before, during and after work being performed are taken, so the client understands the basics of all the transformations done.

Convey to HUD - HUD stands for Housing and Urban Development where an HUD home is a house that has been acquired in foreclosure and is now for sale. These houses are transformed into HUD homes where the advantage of purchasing these homes they give first choice to homebuyers who plan on living in the home, as opposed to renting it out.

The above listed are some of the primary services involved in the property preservation business. Our property preservation team provides a full range services which allow clients to choose the services that best suit their needs. However, depending on the specific requirements or request of our client, our work order can include or exclude any of the services mentioned above. Please contact us today for more information on property preservation services in Plainfield. Using a reliable property preservation company, can be the difference between losing money and seeing a great return on real estate. Thus, all you have to do is to call us at 630-257-2272.

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