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Many people in Bolingbrook are seen houses that are foreclosed or vacant, yet they all look well maintained and safe. Properties, that are for sale, have undergone foreclosure, default, or are in bank-owned status, all are properties that need to be preserved in the same way like public land. It means, the properties must be maintained with cleanliness and security among other measures. This maintenance is the responsibility of the property preservation company which is in charge of the property preservation. That is how houses that are for sale or foreclosed can be maintained in the same appearance like they are lived in. The job of property preservation is not an easy one because there are a lot of involved processes.

Pest Control

When a property sits vacant, pests of many kinds tend to accumulate. This may be because they seek a warm place to live, or because they require the surroundings for food. Regardless of the reason, pests can discourage potential buyers and cause health concerns for neighbors. Thus, the property preservation team is responsible for keeping both the inside and the outside of the dwelling free of pests. This includes employing extermination services and ongoing maintenance.

Repair and Replacement

Windows and doors are essential to the well-being and security of a house. It is the responsibility of property preservation services to replace or repair windows and doors as necessary. This ensures that unwanted guests of all kind stay out of the vacant property, and that the windows and doors serve their function of helping regulate temperature.

Debris Removal

Homes that are vacant due to default, foreclosure, or are in bank-owned status can tend to fall in disrepair if not kept maintained. Disrepair can manifest as debris that may accumulate from paint chips, dirt, leaves, or other things that eventually fade and fall to the ground when no up-keep is implemented. Property preservation staff cleans and removes all debris from both inside and outside the home to keep it in satisfactory condition.

Winterization and De-Winterization

Preparing a home for the winter can take time and effort when making sure that certain things like outdoor nozzles are turned off to avoid frozen pipes. This may also indicate a need for roof repairs to avoid leaking from melted snow. Likewise, cleaning a property during and after the winter months is just as time and labor intensive. It includes shoveling snow, repairing cracked cement in the driveway from storm damage, and making sure the plumbing is working properly. The task of preparing a property for winter and clearing it up during and after winter is an important part of property preservation services in Bolingbrook.

Mold Remediation

Oftentimes, homes in need of property preservation services have mold because moisture that enters from cracks or openings due to damage encourage the growth of this substance. Removing the mold so that the house remains healthy and livable is an important part of preserving it for future use.

Tree Trimming/Removal

Properties left unmaintained with shrubbery and trees will result in an overgrowth of the forestry. It is the property preservation company who must trim and remove the trimmings of overgrown bushes and trees to make sure the house is visible in order to avoid break ins and make the property look unlivable.

Repairs and Rehab

Unused homes need upkeep because objects can break when unused regularly. This can include bathroom and kitchen plumbing, damaged ceiling tiles, and cracks through the home. It is the responsibility of the property preservation people to fix any repairs and rehabilitate the property so that it is in satisfactory condition and the bank or lien holder can sell it.

Preparation for Sale

The property preservation services perform a lot of work on homes left unattended. One of the most important jobs is preparing it for sale, as the sale is the ultimate goal of houses that have been foreclosed or are bank owned. Preparing a house for sale includes giving it a proper internal and external cleaning and making sure the grounds and home are safe and clean enough to present well and not detract from a potential sale.

Re-keying and Securitization

When a home is without an owner, the locks will need to be replaced and the property must be secured to avoid theft, vandalism or squatting. Therefore, the property preservation team will change all locks to prevent the previous tenants from gaining re-entry. In addition, the company will make sure that the house is secure, meaning ensuring that all windows are properly locked, any alarm system is working, and they will even temporarily board up windows until they can get replaced.

Property preservation is an important, but often overlooked part of maintaining the form and function of a home that is no longer with tenants. When a bank owns a home due to foreclosure or other reasons, Bolingbrook property preservation services taking care of the home play a vital role. You should hire a property preservation company that ensure that the home is brought up to standard, well maintained, healthy to live in, kept safe, cared for during the seasons, and is clean and free of anything that would deter its sale. Thus, all you have to do is to call us at 630-257-2272. Property Guardian Services, Inc. provides a full range of field services including property inspections, property preservation, REO property maintenance, and more.

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