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As the number of foreclosures has increased in recent years many REO sellers are beginning to realize the amount of value property preservation can add to the bottom line. Properties maintained in a good condition are more likely to be sold than a property which has been allowed to succumb to the elements. Property preservation in Darien is mainly a process of preserving, preparing, protecting and securing one’s property for the purpose of sale. The types of properties that go through this process are mainly properties that have been foreclosed due to bank-owned status. After foreclosure, it is the duty of a property preservation company to take in the land and or building and take care of its maintenance until the property is taken by any other company or sold. They have the responsibility of keeping the property ready for potential customers and look after its condition. This particular service is applicable to not only foreclosed properties, but also privately owned properties.

Property preservation specialists in Darien have been picking up on the fact that houses which have not received enough attention in the foreclosure trash out procedure are slow to gather interested buyers. Savvy investors who have not been swayed by the properties less than stellar appearance usually take advantage of the disrepair by lowering their offer price.

A tidy yard and a house which is well maintained tends to attract a higher sale price. The trend of property preservation has been catching on as property preservation specialists search for that ever elusive edge to help them sell more properties. Many are finding that not only can they successfully negotiate a higher price but foreclosure listings on well-maintained properties also clear in about half the time.

Property Securing

Vacant homes during the freezing winter months are particularly vulnerable to damage from the elements. Serious damage can occur from frozen and burst water lines both inside and outside the home. Diligent property preservation practices of Property Guardian Service, Inc. will safeguard a property against this damage by ensuring all plumbing fixtures are fully winterized. Toilets and sinks are drained and all pipes have air compressors applied to them to ensure that no water remains in the system. The system should also be pressure tested in order to locate potential leaks.

Winterization and De-Winterization

De-winterizing is simply a reversal of the winterization process and is best completed by the professional company who winterized the property. As they know exactly what was done and where - and will also have a checklist to work off - there is less chance of something being missed.

Debris Removal

With foreclosure looming just around the corner many owners simply give up on maintaining the appearance of their property. This often leads to debris buildup both in and around the home – causing safety concerns, an infestation risk, and even code violations in extreme cases. To return the home to a favorable condition for sale this debris will need to be removed. This is where a property preservation company can come in handy. Hazardous and non-hazardous material will be removed from the interior of the property as per investor guidelines and any exterior debris will be transported to the local licensed dumping facility.

Lawn Maintenance

One area of a property that can really be a detriment to its appearance is the lawn. Property preservation necessitates regular visits to the premises in order to keep the lawn in a well-maintained condition – especially in the warmer seasons in Darien. This will ensure that the lawn is not a source of nuisance to the neighborhood and also removes any chance of it creating a code violation. During the season fortnightly visits are often required to trim the lawn, prune any trees and shrubs, and also check the property to ensure it is in a secure state.

There are many Property Guardian Services, Inc. services provided in Darien in order to maintain value of the property and ensure it is in a well maintained or livable condition. Other services may include repair and replacement of windows and doors, conveying to HUD, pest control, mold remediation, personal property storage, and vehicle removal to name a few. Most importantly, a Darien property preservation service will ensure the property remains in its most attractive state to ensure the best possible price. Please contact us for more information or call us today at 630-257-2272.

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