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Property Preservation in Downers Grove, IL

Downers Grove property preservation services: REO property maintenance, repairs & rehab

Residential Real estate with removed debris, renovated roof and beautiful landscape after property inspection and preservation in Downers Grove

The purpose of property preservation is to keep a piece of property from becoming overrun by nature or otherwise deteriorating and falling apart. The services included in Downers Grove property preservation are geared towards maintaining the exterior and interior of a building. These services are needed when property has undergone foreclosure, default, or bank-owned status and then goes up for sale. As the property is usually empty no one is there to keep up appearances or to sustain it in overall general good condition, thus property preservation services come in to secure, protect, and prepare the piece of property.

Property Inspection

This is done in a range of ways and comes down to many different services which are used depending on which ones are needed. One of the first steps when hiring the Property Guardian Services, Inc. is an inspection, in which the house will undergo an inspection for any structural issues. If any are found they will be noted and either fixed or monitored. During this step, we identify the problems and chalk out plans to make it right.

Interior and Exterior Repairs and Securing

Some of the services are devoted to the exterior of the building, such as repairing and replacing windows, doors, and the roof, tree trimming/removal, vehicle removal, and so forth. Services for the interior of the building include things like mold remediation, pest control, sales cleaning, personal property storage, plumbing repairs, winterization/de-winterization, etc. These services also include securing a property through changing locks or boarding it up. In general these services exist for the purpose of completely taking care of the property in whatever ways it needs, from interior and exterior repairs, to security, cleaning, and upkeep.

Property preservation services prevent squatters as well as former occupants from going back into the house and overall the services keep the area safe. For example, if there is a swimming pool it would also need to be secured to prevent accidental injury or death. Such services are needed to get full and comprehensive coverage over all of the property, covering all maintenance functions and ensuring that the land and building are in good condition and up to par as far as appearances go.

Property Management Services

Property Guardian Services, Inc. provides their clients with a variety of services including property inspections, property preservation, REO property maintenance, and more. These services include:

  • Replacement and repairing of doors and windows;
  • Removal of debris; be it inside the building or outside;
  • Winterization and De-Winterization of houses;
  • Contacting and dealing with the Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD;
  • All kinds of repair and rehabilitation, if needed;
  • Sales clean;
  • Pest control;
  • Securing of property;
  • Cash payment management in case of relocation;
  • Management of various utilities;
  • Maintenance of lawn, if present;
  • Remediation of products which can be biologically hazardous;
  • Abatement of Code Violation;
  • Registration of vacant properties;
  • Demolition;
  • Removal of vehicle, storage facilities for personal properties.

There are many people in Downers Grove who think that to find a good and reliable specialized company whose services you can rely on is an easy job, but actually, that is not so. A good property preservation business should be able to cater to all of your individual needs in a way that is both time-efficient and cost-efficient. People who do not choose property preservation services leave the given property open to burglary, nature, and old age. Without any maintenance or safety measures a property can fall to a lot of potential undesirable outcomes. Hiring the Property Guardian Services, Inc. is a good way to know that your property will be taken care of. Contact us for more information about our services.

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